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Late Night Ramblings

She lives on as an idea,
An image stamped on a coin
Her fingertips stretched to Heaven
Her body bound to Earth

Her heart is the ocean
Full of salt tears and breaking
On the unfeeling sand
In a steady rhythm of grief

Her howl is lost on the wind
It is the wind
Blowing across an endless desert
A cry falling on deafened ears

He feels her pain; hw knows
Her heart aches and breaks
Because he is out there somewhere
Finding himself, but lost to her

He hears her in an echo
He feels her when he examines a rock
He sees her in forest and stream
She lives on in his dreams

But he is unable to move
He does not know how to reach her
She is all and nothing
To embrace her is to embrace the water

She longs for him, yet
At the same time, blocks his touch
She pines for love, yet
She remains afraid to recieve it

She fears hurt; it comes so easily
He fears pain; it happens so fast
They both fear being wrong
Both fear their desire is just a dream

So they see each other through the mirror
A dream, yet not a dream
She is real; he is too
But they cannot reach each other

But, but, but...
When he embraces himself, his arms are around her
When she caresses her cheek, it is his hand
Cold comfort, but comfort still

The lovers' bodies long to touch
After the whispers of a sweet dream
They've seen each other at last
But can dreams be made real?

He catches a glimpse of her on a crowded street
A flash of dark gold hair, and she is gone
His dark eyes are burned on her memory
Was their meeting real, or just a dream?

She clutches the bedcovers fitfully
A sob tears out of her throat
To be so close, yet so far away
To awaken all alone!

And he lays in his bed, sleepless
Loving the dream of her
Yet missing the reality of her arms, her bed
The touch of her warm lips against his

And so the lovers are ketp apart by fate
Living on in each others' hearts
They may have never met, or they may be known
And long for the someday when they can be one again
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