alicescloset (alicescloset) wrote in the_poetry_room,

The Jungle

I've got a real jungle in my own back yard.
Over the fence, I did climb.

Into the thickest trees and bushes,
Into the wild and vines.

Strange noises erupted as the birds made calls
Telling the rest I had come.

From under my trampling the living things fled.
My feet pounding like a drum.

I ran to the tallest tree I could find,
Thew my arms 'round and squeezed.

Found a good sturdy branch and started my climb.
Not till the top am I freed.

At the top of my tree, I let out a crow.
Joining in the jungle's song.

We sang our wild music, every creature crooned.
We sang so loud and long.

Then I heard a calling, Time to come and eat.
I retreated from my tree.

Mom says that my jungle makes me a wild child.
But, I say,  the jungle is wild because of me.

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