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Just to get things rolling...

My Rosebud-Pink Girl

Goodnight, my little rosebud-pink girl
Angels sing you to sleep tonight
Angels rock you in their arms
Heaven is one long sweet dream

I lay here on Earth, alone
Crying bitter tears for you, my love
I know you are in Heaven and happy
Whole and perfect, dancing in clouds

Your perfect little fingers and toes
My fingers still remember caressing them
My lips kissing your little jaw and cheek
Over and over--a last kiss goodnight

You never got to see the sunrise
Or smell a fresh picked violet
You never got to pet Sisko
Or take a ride on Shade's back

But I know you're waiting for me
My perfect little rosebud-pink girl
With dark eyes, your father's nose
And a sweet, serene smile

The world wasn't worthy of you
And maybe we weren't worthy either
But you have strengthened our friendship
You have given us a common goal

I don't know what God has planned
But my heart is aching still
For my perfect little rosebud-pink girl
Sleeping sweet and safe in Heaven...

(C)RLO 5/1/05

In loving memory of Naomi...three months and counting, little one...
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