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The Poetry Room

A Tribute, But Also a Community

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Welcome to The Poetry Room! This community was created in tribute to the Poetry Room chat room on a server known as www.the-park.com. It was a place where people of all walks of life could come together, chat, have fun, and, most importantly of all, write and get feedback on their writings. When The Park shut down, the poets of the poetry room no longer had a place to call home. A kind soul created www.the-pork.com to replace The Park, but the magic was never the same, and The Pork's Poetry Room never achieved the popularity of the original Poetry Room.

If you love to write or read poetry, this community is for you. If you hope to get back in contact with old friends from The Poetry Room, you may not have a whole lot of luck, but some of us are here on LiveJournal, and you are welcome to join our group. Constructive criticism will be tolerated; however, destructive criticism (flaming or trolling) will NOT be tolerated.

Advertising for other groups or websites is allowed; however, if you post advertising in excess, it will be deleted.

This community is in the spirit of the original Poetry Room, and new poets and readers will always be welcome!

(Note: This community is in no way endorsed by or connected to www.the-park.com or www.the-pork.com. It is just a place for poets, poetry fans, and people who miss The Poetry Room.)